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Shubhansha Agrawal

Short Bio - Shubhansha Agrawal is an Indian self-taught artist based in San Francisco who has embraced the self-awareness that comes with an art practice. Having realized her strong inclination towards art after a solo trip halfway across the world, she started her art career a bit later in life. Her depictions often tell the story of a woman in combat with self-perception, who challenges the need to please others over herself and demands to own her freedom beyond traditions and expectations. Her piece 'A Moment To Myself' captures that single moment where instead of looking for answers around her, she found them within herself. Her work has been showcased at art fairs, and group exhibits in San Francisco and NYC.

Website: Instagram: @shubhanshaa

Sharon Becker

Sharon is a visual artist who uses digital photography and mixed media to explore her environment and internal self. With nature as her inspiration, recurring themes in her work are an existential comparison to human introspection, exposure, and life stages. She believes it is our interpretation of our past experiences which color our views of our present and future.

Her Celestial series suggests how the blue moons are opportunities to release and heal. And an auspicious time to mend our bodies, minds, and hearts.

Website: Instagram: @sbeckart Facebook: Sharon Becker Studio

Clara Bolle

As a philosopher I view my writings and art as tools to do research. My main question in relation to thinking and making is: what does it mean to be your body instead of having a body?

Website:  Instagram: @clarabolle

Barbara Coe

I am Barbara Coe, an experimental painter and sketch artist who likes to try out any kind of medium. My studio will be based in Dublin, Ireland beginning June. Being creative helps me express my colorful view of the world. 

Instagram: @coe_b_art

Masa Hayami

Japanese artist Masa Hayami has a vast multi-disciplinary practice encompassing painting, drawing, 3dimensional approach, digital art, and painting action/performance. She is currently working on "Sword "action paintings.

She tries to push the boundaries between physical and digital production. She searches to explore new forms and directions of Art in the next era.

Website:  Instagram: @masahayami_art_zen

Jean-François Lanthier

I graduated from the University of Quebec in Montreal in Visual Arts in 2007. My photographic practice now focuses on the principle of serendipity through my experimentation with fresh paint.

Mona Lerch

Mona Lerch is a contemporary visual artist, artist coach, founder of Art Mums United and Women United ART PRIZE currently residing in the Czech Republic. Mona uses both life and work experiences to give shape to unique pieces of artwork that are characterized by elaborate structure and layers. Her mission is to create a narrative embodying the beauty we have around us that we forget to see and to break the boundaries between the body and mind.

Website:  Instagram: @monalerchwallart

Cydney M Lewis

Cydney M Lewis is a Chicago based multimedia artist where pattern, repetition, and constant movement form the foundation of her work. Lewis weaves together images of nature, technology, destruction, and beauty into landscapes that make the real surreal.

Website:  Instagram: @cydneyml

Vladimir Marcu

Vladimir Marcu is a multidisciplinary artist interested in the relationship between the viewer or reader and the creator. His presence is mostly felt offline rather than online, but you can see some of his work here.

Ana Martinez Orizondo

Ana Martínez Orizondo, also known for her initials AMO which mean "I love" in her native Spanish, is a Cuban American pastel artist, writer, photographer, community builder and artpreneur. Her work explores themes of ecology and spirituality as well as identity and culture through landscape, nature and portraiture. She lives in Shelter Island, N.Y. 

Website: Instagram: @amoexpression

Cherry McAlister

Cherry McAlister is a mixed media collage artist currently based in London. Born in Northern Ireland, Cherry formally trained as an Architect at Edinburgh College of Art. She combines architecture work and making art with being a stay-at-home parent to her son. Her work leans towards mark-making, exploring texture through layers and different mediums. 'Spring' is the first in a floral series showing joy within Black women.

Instagram: @wolf_at_play

Ekaterina Popova

Ekaterina Popova was born in Vladimir, Russia. After moving to the United States, she fell in love with painting and received a BFA from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Her work has been exhibited nationally, including The Painting Center in New York, The Trenton City Museum, Delaware Contemporary, The Boxheart Gallery, A.I.R. Gallery, and more. 

Website:  Instagram: @katerinaspopova

Biju Ramankutty

Biju Ramankutty is an Indian documentary photographer, now handling the role of Chief Development Officer, PhotoMuse- the museum of photography, Kerala, India. He is a researcher and photographer focused on documentary, pictorial and abstract photography, mainly documents river ecology, monsoon and water images.

Website: Instagram: @biju_ramankutty

Mia Risberg

Mia is a visual artist, based in Michigan, who paints and draws in a variety of mediums. In her work she depicts people, places, and moments in time, with an interest in ambiguous narratives. In addition to being an artist, Mia has also curated contemporary art exhibits for the Rasa Festival. 

Website: Instagram: @miarisbergart

Ray Rogers

I am a 35mm photographer and writer interested in our relationship to figurative and literal light sources.

When I was 5 my family did a cross country road trip in our Astro van. Somewhere between Seattle and the Carolina coast I picked up a camera. By the time I was 8, my parents gifted me a 35mm purple plastic Vivitar. I loved it. It felt both like a scientific instrument and a personal assertion: the camera was my world and empowered me with a distinct sense of self--each image expressed my unique point of view. The next development in the photo saga involved trips to the Photo Lab, which averaged once or twice a week. We would be waist-deep in the dark of winter and out my mom would emerge from this humble, single-story building holding some miracle emulsions. Weeks would ramble forward and backward, loop on and on--another winters day; rain coming down in streams... us—bouncing over brick alleys with a piece of sunshine captured somewhere along the way. These photos were everything: proof of light's great power even during a dark season.  

Website: Instagram: @sleepovergal

Tina Scepanovic

Tina uses historical finishes on modern forms to transform everyday objects into art. By honoring methods that date back to the Renaissance, her practice seeks to preserve a dying art form and bring awareness to the human behind our things. Her work is guided by the aspiration to reclaim the intention and integrity of traditional artisanship, and informed through the perspectives of science, music, and design. Each piece is a unique meditation that undergoes up to fifty surface manipulations performed entirely by hand. 

Website: Instagram: @tinascepanovic

Shloka Shankar

Shloka Shankar is a poet, editor, publisher, and self-taught visual artist from Bangalore, India. She enjoys experimenting with Japanese short-forms and myriad found poetry techniques alike. A Best of the Net nominee and award-winning haiku poet, her poems and artwork have appeared in over 200 online and print venues of repute. In addition, she has edited and co-edited five international poetry anthologies since 2016. Shloka is the Founding Editor of the literary & arts journal Sonic Boom and its imprint Yavanika Press. When she isn't poring over manuscripts, you can find her making abstract art, digital collages, or conducting poetry workshops. 

Website:  Instagram: @shloks23 & @bricabracartshop Facebook: shloks89

Fleur Thesmar

Notes on this work:

My research on nature led me to these abstractions. I wanted to show the extraordinary impression of depth I often have when I observe gardens or landscapes... or even the sky. Tons of particles, clouds and gaz, hide the stars only visible at night. If you look too much into it, you feel that there are few things that tie you to the ground and you could fall into it. In Boston, the sky is amazing and beautiful, the light gives you a feeling of lightness. 

Statement and info on the artist:

Fleur Thesmar came from France to the USA, her familiar landscapes and perspectives suddenly replaced by unending spaces. This huge change made Fleur reconsider what she always thought was natural, the perspective. The relationship between figure and background which was once stabilized through western painting, has become an incessant hustle of matter set in motion by invisible presences. The way one could record an experience becomes itself an investigation. Since then, Fleur reflects on the "pictorial problem", the representation of space in a painting, and on the fact that some images may be required to build freedom and identities.

Website:  Instagram: @FleurTdeFrance

Andreea Ungureanu

Andreea Ungureanu graduated from The National University of Arts in Bucharest, Department of Graphic Arts. She is a recipient of the Young Talents Programme scholarship from the Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation. 

Facebook: Ungureanu Andreea  Instagram:  @andreeaungurean.u

Myriam Wallengren

I have studied painting at the Fine Arts School in Dijon (France).  I now work in my studio in Montreal, painting essentially with oil and watercolor inks.

In my paintings I mainly intend to bridge together contradictory elements through the link of color:  delicacy and harshness, flowing soft effects and flat surfaces, figuration and abstraction.

Website:  Instagram: @myriamwallengren

Elizabeth Yoffe

In the changing patterns of light all around us I see luminous stories about what it means to be alive, to be embodied, to be here. Printing on metal enhances the luminescence I seek to infuse into my work, resulting in pieces that are intended to bridge the liminal space between Abstract and Modern Sacred Art.  

Website:  Instagram:  @elizabethyoffe

Zeljko Jancic Zec

Zeljko Jancic Zec, born in Rijeka, Croatia is a visual, performing and media artist. Through his art, he analyzes matters which are related to the human concerns and relations with society and nature. One of the subjects of his works is individuality, namely if and how a person confronted with a materialistic, consumerist society can be and remain an individual human, as well as the freedom of individuals as a vital element for the successful operation of the society.

One of his items is the idea of freedom. Being free for the author means being creative, rejecting manipulated emotions and the false sense of security that social norms offer. The quest of existential identity is bounded with many of his works, either as the quest of the exiled (being and remaining the other, wherever one goes), or the quest of the one, who is trying to find his way back to his roots. Communication is also one of his items. Communicating for the author means understanding, learning, building trust, being open to different perspectives.

Website:  Instagram:  @janciczec Facebook: Zeljko Jancic Zec art

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